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Pulsed uv light with conventional mercury lamp


Pulsed uv light with conventional mercury lamp

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Pulsed ultraviolet (uva) is a new cold sterilization technology produced by blue spectrum technology co., LTD. Pulsed strong light sterilization is a new cold sterilization technology with safety, high efficiency and energy saving. A new process that USES a broad spectrum of intense flashes of "white light" to kill microorganisms on food and packaging. Pulsed strong light sterilization is the use of a pulse of strong white flash so that the inert gas lamp emitted similar to the solar spectrum, but stronger uv to infrared region light to inhibit the growth and reproduction of food and packaging material surface, solid surface, gas and transparent beverage microorganisms.
Pulse strong light sterilization; Pulsed ultraviolet
Conventional mercury lamps are sources of visible light that produce mercury vapor when mercury discharges. Mercury lamps can be divided into low - pressure mercury lamps, high - pressure mercury lamps and ultra - high - pressure mercury lamps three. When a low-pressure mercury lamp is lit, the vapor pressure of mercury is less than one atmosphere. At this time, the main radiation wavelength of mercury atoms is ultraviolet radiation of 253.7nm. The inner wall of fluorescent lamps is coated with halogenated calcium phosphate phosphors, which convert ultraviolet light into visible light. The inner wall of energy-saving fluorescent lamp is coated with rare earth fluorescent powder, which has higher luminous efficiency.
Pulsed uv has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and long life:
High efficiency: out-of-the-box, no need to preheat, can be set when the product after bright;
Energy saving: the UV mercury lamp is a wide range of band, and the curing or sterilization of one of the main function is one of the wavelength, other bands are useless, waste, is absorbed by the product and converted into heat energy, this is also the product of mercury lamp irradiation than LED irradiation temperature higher. An impulse is of a single wavelength.
Environmental protection: mercury lamp contains mercury and other harmful substances, and the low-wave ultraviolet light in the mercury lamp will react oxygen in the air into ozone, which makes it necessary to install the exhaust system when using the mercury lamp, and the low-wave ultraviolet light of mercury lamp to the human radiation is very large, need to be completely closed and shading treatment.
Life: LED life of more than 20,000 hours, and mercury lamp life of about 1,000 hours.
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