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UV curable powder coating


UV curable powder coating

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    UV-curing powder coating is a new coating technology combining powder coating technology and UV curing technology. It combines the advantages of traditional powder coating and liquid UV-curing coating technology, and overcomes the shortcomings of two types of coatings to some extent. 

  Conventional thermal curing powder coatings require curing at 180-200 ° C for 5- to 30 minutes, which limits the application of this technology in heat sensitive substrates. The rapidly growing UV-curable powder coating with a melting point of 100 to 1200 °C solves this problem. Compared with traditional heat-cured powder coatings, the melt leveling and solidification of UV-cured powder coatings are two separate processes. The powder particles are first heated and melted by infrared radiation, and then cured by ultraviolet radiation. Smooth and smooth coating. Since the UV-curable powder coating has a low melting temperature, it can be widely used for coating of heat-sensitive substrates (such as paper, rubber, plastic), which greatly expands the application space of the powder coating. UV-curing powder coating has no reactive diluent, low shrinkage of coating film, high adhesion to substrate, and can form a thick coating with good quality (75-125 gm) in one coating, and the powder sprayed by paint can be recycled. Used, therefore, UV-curable liquid coatings have higher technical, economic and ecological advantages.

  Foreign countries began to develop UV-cured powder coatings in the early 1990s. They were commercialized in the mid-1990s and developed rapidly. There are many reports and patents on UV-cured powder coatings for wood, metal, metal/composite parts, and paper substrates. UCB Chemicals of Belgium has developed the UvecoatTM series of powder coatings, of which the UvecoatTM 1000 series is suitable for composite woods; the Uvecoat TM2000 series is suitable for metal substrates. DSM reported the use of UV-cured powder coatings on paper substrates.

    Domestic UV-curing powder coatings have also achieved certain development. Yan Huiguang et al. modified hexadecyl chloride and octadecyl isocyanate to the hydroxyl group hyperbranched polyester Boltornm H20 to obtain a powdery hyperbranched oligomer with an amorphous "core" and a crystallizable "shell" molecular structure. This makes the apparent performance and mechanical properties of the coating film greatly improved. In addition, the powdery hyperbranched oligomer can be rapidly cured upon melt irradiation due to the presence of a large amount of ultraviolet curable acrylate groups at the end groups. Liang Hongbo et al. studied dendritic polyetheramide-based UV-curable powder coatings by three-step reaction with different ratios of TDI, HEA and octadecyl isocyanate on the basis of hydroxyl-terminated dendritic poly-amide. Two UV-curable semi-crystalline polymers DPEA with different concentrations of acrylate double bonds and long-chain alkyl groups were synthesized. -A and DPEA-B. Through the DSC test, the two UV-curable semi-crystalline polymers formed different crystallites with a strength of 45 cC and 41 cC, respectively, and Tm of 1 23 ° C and 1 22 ° C, respectively, which satisfied the UV-curable powder coating. And Tm requirements.
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