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Breakthrough in research on new exposure modules for UVLED light sources


Breakthrough in research on new exposure modules for UVLED light sources

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    The reporter learned from the Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on the 16th that the institute successfully developed a "2-12-inch UVLED parallel light exposure module" for microelectronic lithography and lithography for PCB, liquid crystal panel and touch screen. Equipped with "5KW, 8KW, 10KW mercury lamp instead of UVLED light source module" series products.


    According to the relevant project leader of the Chongqing Institute of Green Intelligent Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the lithography machine is the key equipment with the largest investment share in LCD panel manufacturing equipment. Its key technology has always been subject to foreign companies, which has restricted the development of the industry. In order to break the situation of foreign monopoly of lithography equipment in the LCD panel industry, the Chongqing Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences launched a new exposure module based on UVLED light source for the demand for low-cost exposure equipment with advanced technology, energy saving and environmental protection in the field of electronic information, breaking through the LED/ LD optical expansion solution and beam angle transformation theory, LED multi-free-form surface precise light distribution technology, UV-band free-form surface inorganic optical components mass production technology, optical and electrical system integration and other key technologies, successfully developed for microelectronic light Engraved "2-12 inch UVLED parallel light exposure module" and "5KW, 8KW, 10KW mercury lamp instead of UVLED light source module" series for lithography equipment such as PCB, LCD panel and touch screen, product strength and uniformity A number of key indicators are superior to the original factory configuration, and can meet the production of 2um-level lines, product technology has reached the international leading level. At present, the R&D team has reached a cooperation agreement with large enterprises such as Chongqing Founder and Shennan Circuit to cooperate with enterprises to complete the upgrading and upgrading of lithography equipment. There are more than 50,000 lithographic equipments on the market, and the output value will reach more than 5 billion yuan.

    It is reported that China has joined the Minamata Convention. It is forbidden to import, export and produce mercury-containing products before 2020. The UVLED light source module developed by the project "Low-cost lithography process and equipment development and application of liquid crystal panels" is the trend of the times and adopts high efficiency. As an exposure light source, the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly UVLED array realizes large-area and high-intensity uniform exposure through the free-form surface precise light distribution and complex-eye averaging scheme, and meets the needs of upgrading and reforming the existing lithography machine mercury lamp light source. Calculated from the electricity bill alone, each UVLED device can save the enterprise about 80,000 yuan per year. If the 50,000 lithography equipment on the market is upgraded, the annual cost of electricity can be 4 billion yuan. The above products have been declared 15 patents, of which 2 invention patents have been authorized.
    In response to the current opportunities and challenges, in the "Chongqing LCD panel industry common key technology innovation theme special" support, Chongqing Institute and Chongqing Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, plans to introduce UV LED light source system into the liquid crystal panel lithography In the equipment, with the goal of “enhancing the profitability and competitiveness of LCD panel related companies and promoting the long-term development of the LCD panel industry in Chongqing”, we will focus on developing low-cost lithography processes and equipment for LCD panel manufacturing.