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UV application

UV catalyze

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what are the performance characteristics of UV deodorizing catalyst exhaust gas purifiers and which industries are suitable for organic exhaust gas treatment?


(1)with a special wavelength (157 nm to 189 nm) of high-energy ultraviolet (uv) light ray organic waste gases and fetor, fast pyrolysis gas and stench gas molecular bonds, moment to open and change its molecular structure, undermine its nucleic acid, produce a series of photolysis fission reaction, a new DNA molecule permutation and combination, degraded into low molecular chemicals, such as carbon dioxide CO2 and H2O molecular substances such as water.

(2) decompose oxygen molecules in the air to generate free oxygen, namely reactive oxygen, by irradiation with high-energy ultraviolet light wave of special band (157-189nm), and combine with oxygen molecules to generate ozone due to the imbalance of positive and negative electrons carried by free oxygen); The free state of pollutant molecules after being cleaved by ultraviolet light wave combines with ozone oxidation to form small harmless or low harmful compounds. Such as CO2 molecules, H2O water molecules and so on.

(3), with a special TiO2  photocatalytic catalytic oxidation filter cotton, under the irradiation of UV ultraviolet light, produce light touch catalytic reaction, greatly enhance and strengthen the ultraviolet light wave energy fusion, in the pyrolysis gas more high energy efficiently and bad odor molecules, but also more active oxygen and ozone catalytic, the waste gas and bad odor more thoroughly catalytic oxidation decomposition reaction, make its degraded into low molecular compounds, water molecules and carbon dioxide, so as to achieve the goal of deodorization and kill bacteria.

(4) efficient deodorization: it can effectively remove volatile organic waste gas (VOCs) and various foul odors, and the deodorization efficiency can be up to more than 99%.

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