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New Year greeting


New Year greeting

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See off 2012, we usher in 2013.

We have made great progress in 2012. In 2013, we will achieve even more brilliant results.

In 2013, the products of lanpolik company will be more stable. We will implement the standardized quality management system and make quality management the mindset of every member.

In 2013, the company will implement a new performance appraisal system. We need to let the people who think for the company heart and soul be recognized, and let the outstanding work be praised. In 2013, we hope that all employees of lanpolik will focus on their own posts and start from the overall situation of the company, think and learn more, improve their professional quality, enhance their professional accomplishment, improve product quality and improve organizational performance.

Blue spectrum rick company engaged in is a sunrise industry, blue spectrum rick sunrise of the company is a company, the company product market prospects, need a lot of work, do people participation, a sweat, a harvest, let us work together to make the company become a great company, blue spectrum rick make blue spectrum rick company each blue spectrum rick people the best platform realize own value.

Finally, I wish every employee in the New Year a happy family, smooth work, wish!