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Our company participated in the photoelectric exhibition in Munich and Shanghai on March 19, 2013


Our company participated in the photoelectric exhibition in Munich and Shanghai on March 19, 2013

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Based on the top professional exhibition of electronic components, components and systems, Munich Shanghai electronics fair is the top professional exhibition platform in China and even the asia-pacific region. After ten years of remarkable growth, it has established its position of "high-end application and technology winning" in the eyes of Chinese electronic community. In addition, the world class BBS conference is leading the way in the industry and bringing the latest technology solutions to the e-community.

As Asia's leading LASER, optics, photoelectric, Munich on sea ray fair (LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA held every year since 2006 in Shanghai, CHINA, the exhibition together industry leaders and technical elite, all-round display the various design, science and technology leading innovative products, the new effective solutions and follow the trend of application of the technology, a short span of six years has been rapid growth to CHINA's top exhibition in the field of LASER and optoelectronics.

Munich Shanghai photoelectric show the electronics show will show general semiconductor, energy semiconductor components and modules, embedded system, sensors, microelectronics mechanical systems, relays, switches, internal serial technology, passive components, motor/engine, cables, components and subsystems, microwave technology, display systems, power equipment, etc.

Expo will showcase laser and light optronic, optics, optical production/test and measurement technology, sensors, service, application system (by industry), laser processing system, optical measurement system, optical information technology and optical communication technology, on ultra-weak bioluminescence (uwl) and medical engineering, imaging technology, lighting and energy, security technology, etc.

Electronics, optical fair as the theme of this exhibition, adhering to the "professional, focus, service first" principle, our company will join the LED UV PCB exposure light source, the LED UV light, UV LED point light irradiation system, the LED UV light source, LED purple outside light source, LED ultraviolet light box, mini speaker LED ultraviolet light source products in electronics and light fair, respectively. You are welcome to come and communicate with us.

Exhibition date: March 19-21, 2013

Booth: electronic exhibition: hall E1 1161, light expo: hall W1 1609

Address: Shanghai new international expo center