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UV application

Eczema treatment

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For the treatment of eczema on the market at present, there are medication, phototherapy and so on. Phototherapy is the use of ultraviolet bactericidal effect, killing fungi, playing a therapeutic effect. At present, LAMPLIC CO., LTD is very mature in the treatment of beriberi. It has been used in the ultraviolet medical industry for more than 15 years. It has a large number of research and development teams. It has a very mature technical ability in the treatment of psoriasis and a breakthrough technology in the treatment of psoriasis. Ultraviolet Xtrac310 excimer laser treatment technology has a good effect in the treatment of psoriasis. NB-UVB and UVA1, or UVA/UVB, are commonly used in phototherapy for eczema. A kind of
1:NB-UVB treatment
Initial dose is 400 mj/cm2, if there is erythema in the initial irradiation, increase dose by 20% and mild erythema by 10%.
Three times a week, lasting 8 weeks, can be increased or decreased according to the situation. The maximum dose was 0.6-2.1j/cm2 and the cumulative dose was 10.5j/cm2.
2: The treatment of UVA1 includes low dose 20j/cm2, medium dose 30-70j/cm2(average 45j/cm2) and high dose 130j/cm2.
Medium dose is the preferred dose for UVA1 because of its small side effects. The initial dose was 30j/cm2, four times a week, lasting for 8 weeks, with appropriate increase or decrease time according to the efficacy and response. Cumulative dose 930j/cm 2
3:UVA/UVB therapy was combined with UVA and UVB. The spectrum range was 280-400 nm.
The initial doses of UVA and UVB were 2.0j/cm2 and 0.02j/cm2 respectively, and the maximum doses were 4.0-10.7j/cm2 and 0.06-0.17j/cm2, respectively.
Treatment lasted six weeks three times a week.
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