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UV application

Onychomycosis treatment

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Shenzhen Lamplic Technology Co., Ltd. has been used in the ultraviolet medical industry for more than 15 years. It has a large number of R&D teams. It has a very mature technical ability in the treatment of grey nails and a breakthrough technology in the treatment of grey nails. Ultraviolet Xtrac310 excimer laser treatment technology has a good effect in the treatment of gray nails. It is a good news for patients with gray nails to use simple and easy to use.
Phototherapy and photochemotherapy
Grey nail is an infectious disease occurring on human nails. It is called onychomycosis in medicine. It is caused by fungal infection. There are many kinds of pathogenic fungi that can cause gray nails. The latest pathogenic investigation results show that Chinese gray nails are mainly caused by dermatophyte, yeast and fungi, and there is a certain proportion of mixed infection. Grey nails, known as onychomycosis, are a kind of diseases caused by skin fungi invading fingernails (toenails). The main manifestations are discoloration, thickening, accumulation of dirt or deck damage and loss.
Many patients are interrupted because of the color of iodine, the smell of glacial acetic acid and the long course of treatment. Moreover, the dense structure of finger nails hinders the penetration of external medicines, and the cure rate of these traditional external medicines alone is low. At present, the most advanced and simplest treatment method in China is to use ZZ-2 ultraviolet therapeutic instrument. ZZ-2 Ultraviolet Therapeutic Instrument adopts advanced electronic circuit and reliable cooperation with special cold light source quartz lamp to produce high intensity short wave (253.7 nm) and moderate wave (313 nm) ultraviolet rays. The optimum combination of medium and short wave ultraviolet rays is anti-inflammatory rays. The product features reliable performance, small size, light weight, convenient use, suitable price and multi-function, and has the leading position at home and abroad. It mainly treats various intractable and multiple skin diseases, while disinfecting and sterilizing.
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