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UV application

Surface sterilization

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Shenzhen Lamplic has devoted itself to the medical industry for many years. It breaks through new technology in medical ultraviolet disinfection and disinfection, and is safer to use outdoor lines to kill poisons. It can make bacteria and viruses contain RNA or DNA proteins. Ultraviolet ray can denaturate the proteins, thus inactivating bacteria and viruses and achieving the purpose of disinfection.
(1) Irradiation mode: It is better to use portable ultraviolet disinfector to move irradiation in short distance, or to use ultraviolet lamp suspension irradiation. The small articles can be irradiated in the ultraviolet disinfection box.
(2) Exposure dose and time: Different kinds of microorganisms have different sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. When disinfecting with ultraviolet radiation, the irradiation dose must be used to reach the irradiation dose needed to kill the target microorganism.
When killing common bacterial propagules, the irradiation dose should reach 10 000 uW.s/CM2; when killing bacterial spores, the irradiation dose should reach 10 000 uW.s/CM2; when killing bacterial spores, the virus's resistance to ultraviolet radiation should be between bacterial propagules and spores; the resistance of fungal carriers is stronger than that of bacterial spores, sometimes it needs to be irradiated to 600 000 uW.s/CM2; when sterilizing, the virus's resistance to ultraviolet radiation is When the target microorganism is unknown, the irradiation dose should not be less than 100 000 uW.s/CM2.
The irradiation dose is the product of the irradiation intensity and the irradiation time of the ultraviolet lamp on the surface of the irradiated object. Therefore, according to the irradiation intensity of ultraviolet light source, the irradiation time can be calculated. For example, the ultraviolet surface disinfector with a radiation intensity of 70 uW/CM2 is used to irradiate the surface of the object in close range; the selected radiation dose is 100 000 uW.s/CM2; and the irradiation time is 100 000 uW.s/CM2_70 uW/CM2 = 24 minutes.
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