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UV application

Wooden floor

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Shenzhen LAMPLIC CO., LTD Wood Floor Curing Vehicle is the same as other curing principles. A UV light source for curing UV paint. UV curing lamp is a photochemistry reaction, that is, liquid UV irradiation curable material can be printed or coated on the surface of the substrate or workpiece, and hardened by UV light irradiation. UV curing is similar to traditional drying process, but the principle is different. Traditional drying usually forms hardening by the volatilization of solvent in the coating material, while UV irradiation hardens. Solventless volatilization occurs during solidification. The existing UV curing generally uses UV lamp. The UV lamp includes a lamp shade. The two ends of the lower part of the lamp shade are equipped with a mounting seat for the UV lamp tube. The upper part of the UV lamp tube is equipped with a reflector, the upper part of the reflector shade has a drainage groove, the upper part of the reflector shade also has a baffle, and the middle part of the upper part of the lamp shade is equipped with a drainage air. Machine, because the UV lamp tube will produce a lot of heat in the whole process, it needs to absorb the heat from the lamp tube through the draft fan to make the lamp work in the normal temperature environment, and the maximum heat generated by the temperature at both ends of the lamp tube, but the existing drainage fan of the UV lamp is only located in the middle, resulting in bad heat dissipation at both ends of the lamp tube and reducing the lamp. The service life of the tube burns down the lamp when it is serious. The utility model relates to a curing tool, in particular to a UV lamp used for curing UV paint.
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