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UV application


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Ultraviolet curing process has been used in printing industry for more than 30 years, with a large number of R&D teams, elaborate design of customized products, coating and curing has been achieved in various fields. Ultraviolet UV LED curing technology is used to make the production faster, more convenient, more environmentally friendly and efficient.
According to the application situation and the rheological condition of the paint itself, the coating methods include roll coating, spraying, spraying, dipping, even hand brush, scraping and so on. Due to the various forms of the coated substrates, the radiation curing process also has the characteristics of diversity. The radiation curing process made by a single machine is mainly desktop crawler.
The coatings are transported to the irradiation platform under the ultraviolet lamp by conveyor belt to receive irradiation. The whole chamber through which the coatings pass is irradiated by ultraviolet light. By adjusting the track speed, the irradiation time of the coatings can be controlled. The lower the speed, the longer the coating travels in the machine, the more light energy it receives. The specifications of crawler curing machines used in industrial production may vary. Most of them do not use nitrogen devices. Ultraviolet tubes can be one to several, and the power of single light tube is generally above KW. Quartz plate under ultraviolet lamp can filter out a lot of infrared rays, which is very important for the coating and curing of thermal sensitive base materials. Cooling device is indispensable. When the ultraviolet lamp works stably, it emits a lot of heat. A 1000W lamp tube has a surface temperature of over 800 C and a 2000W lamp tube has a surface temperature of over 1000 C. If it is not cooled, the life of the lamp tube will be greatly shortened and the base material may be burned. In addition to air cooling, water cooling can also be used. The method of evaluating the curing rate in production is simple and intuitive. The fastest curing rate of the coatings under irradiation is the highest track speed which just cures to the surface without fingerprint.
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