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UV application

UV Flexography

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UV flexo printing belongs to relief printing. UV flexo printing ink solidifies by ultraviolet energy without volatilization of ink components, that is, 100% solidification on the surface of the substrate. The UV flexo printing is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly by using the UV curing principle of LAMPLIC CO., LTD.
UV flexographic applications
1. In the beverage package/shrinkage package market, high-end self-adhesive water mark produced by UV flexographic combination printing press appeared.
2. Solvent gravure beverage packaging market, the emergence of UV flexo beverage packaging;
3. Solvent-based gravure cigarette package market, the emergence of UV flexographic cigarette packaging;
4. Solvent-based gravure hose printing market, the emergence of UV flexible hose.
Flexo printing technology has made considerable progress, with corresponding breakthroughs in pre-press design, plate printing technology and UV ink technology. Many well-known international ink manufacturers, including Shengweike ink, have already developed mature UV flexo heat shrinkable film ink and low migration food packaging ink, which makes traditional solvent-based gravure printing technology. Its application market has ushered in new challengers.
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