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Form of Printing Light Source and Application Label Machine (Flexographic PS Edition)

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Form of Printing Light Source and Application Label Machine (Flexographic PS Edition)

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Label machine is a very active new application market in recent two years, but there are not many mature products, product form, structure, heat dissipation is one aspect, the most important is the integrated matching of power drive control. How to make it easy to install, especially suitable for mass refitting market, is a problem to be discussed.
Improve the efficiency of product labeling, accurate location, good quality and high stability; avoid a series of problems such as low labeling efficiency, sticking skew, uneven thickness of glue and wrinkles, effectively reduce the waste of paste, reduce labeling labor costs, improve product labeling aesthetics, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of products.
MAX label machine has CPM-100HC and PM-100A. CPM-100HC is a lightweight professional color label printer with 406 DPI image resolution, advanced thermal printing technology, providing lasting, high-speed and clear printing effect. A wide range of uses for your enterprise to solve all the problems of logos, labels, nameplates. Super weatherability, such as good stickiness, not easy to fall off, not easy to crotch color, helps you improve production management site, improve production efficiency, beautify the workplace, standardize internal management... Wide range of uses, professional production, can let you reduce costs, reduce the consumption of manpower, material resources, financial resources; and Bepop software with a large number of international quasi-conforming libraries and examples, allowing you to choose freely, unlimited creativity.
Flexo printing (label machine)
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