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UV application

UV gravure printing

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In offset printing, flexographic printing and gravure printing, the pollution caused by gravure printing is the most serious. In order to reduce pollution, LAMPLIC CO,.LTD UV light source suppliers have taken effective measures and achieved good results. Using UVLED ultraviolet light source equipment to save energy and reduce emissions, gravure printing machine reduces environmental pollution, more conducive to market demand than traditional mercury lamp. The birth of UV gravure printing machine makes the printing industry move towards a new line of green and environmental protection. In the process of printing cylinder pre-processing, glue spraying, etching, gravure and electronic engraving, the treatment of waste liquid was strengthened to reduce the pollution of gravure production. In headland printing, at present, Blueberry has successfully developed a UV gravure press. Gravure UV ink is used for paper printing, and plastic film printing is useless as scorecard UV ink, this is the main reason why domestic UV gravure printing can occupy the market share at present.

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