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Technology growth drives LED applications


Technology growth drives LED applications

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The luminous intensity and luminous efficiency of LEDs have increased rapidly in the past 10 years, making LEDs extremely widely used. It is not difficult to find out from the development of the global LED industry. The LED industry is in an era of rapid technological upgrading, and the entire industry is largely technology-driven. It is a process of cyclical rise, mutual promotion and motivation. The development of LED application field is accompanied by the advancement of LED technology. Each time LED's own revolutionary technological advancement will bring about the rapid expansion of LED application field, and people's expectations for the continuous expansion of LED application field, in turn, in turn Inspired numerous innovations in LEDs. In this case, new applications and new markets often complement technological innovations, and old applications and old markets are often lost or changed due to outdated technology.

Two important indicators representing the advancement of LED technology are luminous intensity and luminous efficiency. It is the rapid improvement of the two indicators of LED in the last 10 years that has made LEDs widely used today. From the initial indicator light with intensity less than 1mcd and luminous efficiency less than 0.2lm/W, the luminous intensity has increased by more than 8,000 times, and the laboratory environment has reached 20000mcd. Similarly, LED lighting efficiency has increased nearly 1000 times in more than 10 years. In February 2010, Cree announced that the white light power LED laboratory light efficiency exceeded 208lm/W. With the improvement of LED light efficiency, LED applications have entered the fast lane of development.

Before 2003, the LED application field has gone through five development stages of indicator lights, traffic lights, landscape lights, display screens, and car taillights. In particular, the application development of display screens has made great progress; after 2003 LED backlight applications have entered a period of great development, first of all, backlights for portable electronic products (such as mobile phone backlights), followed by the widespread use of large-size LCD panel backlights such as notebook computers, liquid crystal displays and LCD TVs. At one time, the commercial application field of LED has been brought into a new era. With the birth of high-power white LED, LED commercial application has entered the next fast-growing channel. Automotive lighting and general white lighting have become the hotspots of this period.