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China has developed the world's largest power LED light source


China has developed the world's largest power LED light source

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The concept of new energy and green energy has made LED light source more popular. At present, various industries have already touched the application of LED light source, and the advantages of LED light source have been recognized by the industry. It is said that after many revisions of the design plan and continuous reference to advanced packaging technology at home and abroad, the above research team completed the packaging of the world's largest power LED light source of 1,500 watts. After the light source is illuminated for a long time, the light source has stable performance and meets the lighting function requirements. After testing, the packaging technology effectively reduces the junction temperature of the LED, improves the light-emitting effect of the light source, improves the reliability of the light source, and solves the defects of large volume, insufficient heat dissipation capability, and poor light-emitting effect of the LED light source, and can provide higher unit area. Thermal solution.

LED technology refers to the technology of making semiconductor light-emitting diodes (ie, LEDs) suitable for illumination and their application lamps by utilizing the electroluminescence properties of semiconductor materials. In recent years, foreign LED technology and industry have developed rapidly, and related companies such as Japan, the United States and Germany have formed a highly technical monopoly.

Since the research on power LED packaging technology in 2002, the Research Institute of Micro-optical Electromechanical Systems of Wuhan Optoelectronics National Laboratory has established a multi-disciplinary research team covering optics, thermals, electricity, materials and machinery. Through years of accumulation, the research department has mastered the core technology of LED packaging. In July 2006, the research team successfully packaged 220 watts of China's largest domestic LED light source, and exhibited it at the Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Forum and Exhibition from July 12th to 14th. The Ministry of Science and Technology, domestic and foreign scholars and manufacturers have paid close attention.

The data shows that the LED light source is 87% cheaper than the incandescent lamp and 50% lighter than the fluorescent lamp, and the lifespan is 20 to 30 times longer than the incandescent lamp and ten times longer than the fluorescent lamp. LED light source is considered to be the best way to save energy and reduce energy consumption because of its unique advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection, long life, safety, fast response, small size, rich color and controllability.