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Consider the LED standard in three aspects


Consider the LED standard in three aspects

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With the development of several years, LEDs have basically matured in China. The development speed of LED is so rapid, but China does not have a relatively complete LED development standard rule. With the experience of LED development at home and abroad, we can consider the LED standard from the following three points.

First, the establishment of the standard system should give full play to the synergy role of management, research, and research, give full play to the advantages of all links in the industrial chain, and mobilize multiple superior units to coordinate research and development in the form of project tasks, fully discuss and test, and fully draw on international standards. Establish a standard system suitable for the development characteristics of China's industry. Standards are escorted by the industry and cannot be the threshold set by some companies for commercial interests.

Second: standards should be based on relatively mature products or technologies. Some technologies and products have not yet been fully finalized, and urgency to develop standards limits future product development and technology development. Therefore, it is possible to consider the introduction of basic norms and standards such as terminology and test methods in order to regulate the market and end the disorderly competition.

Third: The standard system includes national standards, local standards, and enterprise standards. The three are complementary. The continuous introduction of local standards has laid a good foundation for the establishment of national standards. Enterprise standards and local standards are important components of the national standard system. For example, enterprise standards, specific standards for the company's characteristic products, are specific refinements and manifestations of national and local standards. Therefore, the formulation of enterprises and local standards should be More detailed, corporate standards should generally be higher than national standards. Fourth, after the introduction of the standard, especially after the introduction of mandatory standards, the market supervision department should quickly establish a system of supervision, access, certification, testing, etc., and at the same time strengthen the promotion and implementation of standards.