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The Chinese government once again strongly supports the LED industry


The Chinese government once again strongly supports the LED industry

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  In order to promote the localization, maturity and industrialization of LED semiconductor technology, and closely follow the world development trend of LED applications, the Chinese government launched the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand” semiconductor lighting application demonstration city program by the Ministry of Science and Technology in early 2009. It is the first large-scale policy support of the Chinese government at the central level. The second policy was born in April 2010. The four ministries and commissions of the Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the People's Bank of China, and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Implementation of Contract Energy Management to Promote the Development of Energy-Saving Service Industry" - the so-called contract energy. Manage EMC. The opinion puts forward that by 2015, a relatively complete energy-saving service system will be established, making contract energy management one of the main ways to implement energy-saving renovation by energy-using units.

    The launch of the central macro-policy policy again and again has injected a strong vitality and traction into the development of China's LED industry, and has also guided and planned the overall LED industry orientation in China for a period of time. Although the first two rounds of policies have exposed many flaws in the implementation process, the achievements have been obvious to all, and have played a positive role in promoting technological innovation and industrial development.

  Under the encouragement of the first two rounds of national policies, many companies began to re-examine and value the development potential of the LED industry. LED light source will serve as the historical life. Energy-saving lamps are recognized as energy-saving but not environmentally friendly. Regardless of LED opinions, it is a new green. Energy-saving light source has a strong life.

  Driven by factors such as government subsidies, LED lighting has gradually moved from the past niche applications, such as display cabinet lights, plant lighting, medical lights, to the main lighting market for commercial and household use, mainly including home lighting, street lighting, and outdoor lighting. , tunnel lighting, commercial lighting, etc., the range of LED lighting products covers almost all applications of traditional lighting applications. Enterprises involved in the LED lighting industry are blooming everywhere in China, especially in the Pearl River Delta region. Recently, the proportion of the northern enterprise group has gradually increased. In addition, some emerging lighting companies have shown strong interest and willingness to invest.

  Of course, the country's macro-benefit policy is not the only factor that promotes the development of the LED lighting industry. LED chip technology is still a key issue for all companies. At present, the LED lighting industry's LED lighting accounts for about 20% to 30% of the total revenue. By the end of 2009, 62 LED chip companies in China had applied for only 30,000 patents, which is less than 10% of the total number of patents in the global LED field. Twenty companies in Europe, America and Japan have applied for more than 300,000 patents, accounting for 85%-90% of the total number of patents in the global LED field. Such research and development capabilities clearly lack core competitiveness in the face of the international LED giants. However, the state has higher subsidies for the purchase of professional equipment for chip manufacturing, as well as the huge development space of the domestic LED lighting industry in the chip technology and the relatively weak competition situation. It also adds to the efforts of major companies to invest in the construction of chip production lines. Confidence.

    Actively accelerate the accumulation of LED core technology capabilities of enterprises, make double moves, rationally adjust strategic resources, grasp the pulse of the market, balance the investment in all aspects of sound and rational balance, comprehensively grasp the development trend and direction of the industry, and properly position itself, and will definitely stand up. LED health and low carbon lighting leader" chest.