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Shenzhen LED companies open the Russian market


Shenzhen LED companies open the Russian market

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 With the maturity of technology and the recognition of the market, China's LED enterprises have achieved rapid development, and further explore LED export issues while meeting domestic demand. As an LED industry base, Shenzhen once again plays a leading role in the industry and continues to work hard to open up the European and American markets. In order to further expand the cooperation between China and Russia and meet the urgent needs of Chinese enterprises to go global, in mid-September, the vice president of the Shenzhen Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and his party went to Russia for a business visit, with the Energy Department of Yekaterinburg, Samar. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other units reached an agreement on cooperation. According to the vice president of the delegation, during the inspection, the Yekaterinburg state government and the Shenzhen Import and Export Chamber of Commerce signed purchase orders for led energy-saving products, such as urban street lamps. At the same time, the two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on issues such as energy-saving technologies and development potential of the LED industry.

    The state's Minister of Energy Nikala Smirnov made it clear that he will give strong support to Shenzhen LED companies and establish a Shenzhen LED product display center to open a door for the Shenzhen company to enter the Russian market. Finally, the Yekaterinburg state government hopes to promote the establishment of Sino-Russian joint venture lighting enterprises as soon as possible through policy, land and factory support.
    In addition, Vice President Zhai also held in-depth exchanges with the chairman of the Bank of Samara United Bank, Bagaev, to reach a memorandum on the cooperation between the two parties. According to Bageev, in the future, the bank will provide the necessary support and services for the Shenzhen enterprises that invest in and build factories in Samara.
    Samara, located in the central part of Russia, established a sister city relationship with Shenzhen in 2008. However, in the past two years, the Samara Chamber of Commerce and Industry has not established an effective communication system with Shenzhen enterprises or institutions. A new journey of cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce. The Shenzhen LED industry's trip to Russia will greatly promote LED trade between the two countries and further promote the development of the LED industry in both countries.