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Global 80% LED device package is concentrated in China


Global 80% LED device package is concentrated in China

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  The development characteristics of LED industry in various countries are: rapid development, comprehensive internal distribution and mature development, but most LED packaging enterprises are in China, and China is a big LED packaging country. It is estimated that 80% of the world's LED device packages are concentrated in the world. China is distributed in various US-funded, Taiwan-funded, Hong Kong-funded and domestic-funded enterprises.

    In the past five years, foreign LED packaging companies have continued to move to the mainland, domestic packaging companies continue to grow and develop, and technology continues to mature and innovate. In the field of low-end LED device packaging, China's LED packaging companies have a high market share. In the field of high-end LED device packaging, some Chinese companies have made major breakthroughs. With the continuous maturity of process technology and the accumulation of brand reputation, China's LED packaging enterprises will play an important and leading role in China's LED application country.
    Domestic LED packaging enterprises are characterized by small scale and large number, ranging from 500 to 600, with a certain scale, and about 100 enterprises with sales of more than 10 million yuan. The main packaging enterprises are Shenzhen Blue Spectrum Rick and Shenzhen Lehman Optoelectronics. Xiamen Hualian, Foshan Guoxing, Jiangsu Wenrun, Guangzhou Hongli, Ningbo Shengpu, Jiangxi Lianchuang, Tianjin Tianxing, Langfang Xingu, Shenzhen Ruifeng, Shenzhen Guangquan, Jianlong Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., etc. LEDs are packaged in the low-end sector, with low barriers and fierce competition, mainly relying on price wars. In the field of high-end display, backlight, and lighting devices, the threshold is high, differentiated positioning, avoiding the price war with the low-end manufacturers, and relying on providing stable, reliable, higher-quality products and intimate services to obtain higher brands. Premium.