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Uvled light curing electronics industry applications


Uvled light curing electronics industry applications

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  Paying attention to environmental protection is a common trend in social development. In the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and many other countries, legislation has adopted legislation to limit the use of traditional coatings with high VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, and gradually replace traditional materials with new environmentally friendly materials such as UV coatings. product. On the other hand, due to its high-efficiency and energy-saving features such as fast curing and no need for heating and baking, it is very suitable for assembly line operations. Its market development is increasing at a rate of more than 25% per year. It can be seen that uvled light curing technology has been increasingly used. It is applied to the industrialized large-scale production of commodities, and its wide application has brought a new revolution to the entire surface coating industry.

Keyboard—UV wear-resistant character ink
    If the mobile phone is regarded as one of our partners, the mobile phone keyboard is the place we caress or tortures the most, especially the thumb family, who squats around their heads and squats, and is born as a mobile phone keyboard. Resist, put on the UV "vest" (wearing ink), and then cover the "UV super protective clothing" (special UV varnish).
Circuit board - UV electronic protective glue
    As we all know, the circuit board is the core part of the electronic device, and its production is divided into two steps. First, the line is etched to etch the desired line on the copper film, and then the solder line is used to protect the copper line from being covered to prevent damage during component soldering. For extremely high precision requirements and complex circuit boards, it is also possible to wrap a whole layer of UV electronic protective glue after soldering all electronic components, which is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.
LCD screen - curing of UV glue
    The LCD screen can be roughly regarded as a layer of liquid crystal in the middle of two thin glass sheets. We may know that the liquid crystal is not heated and can not be contaminated. Only the UV glue is instantly cured and does not need heating and the ultraviolet light can pass through the glass. The characteristics can be applied to this requirement.
    In addition, there are many places in the communications industry that use products based on UVled light curing technology, such as dyeing coatings for glass fiber filaments in communication cables, resists in semiconductors, photoresists, and so on.
Application of uvled light curing technology on mobile phones
    From the appearance of the mobile phone, it provides a unique opportunity for the unique advantages of UVled light curing technology. The market is full of various models of mobile phones, which are inseparable from the application of UVled light curing technology, in addition to the surface of common mobile phone casings. In addition to decoration, there are also high-precision circuit boards for mobile phones, the manufacture of liquid crystal displays, wear-resistant character inks for mobile phone keyboards, and the manufacture of semiconductors and communication optical fibers.
Case surface - uvled light curing
    Undoubtedly, this is the most common and widely used place, and it embodies most of the unique advantages of UVled light curing technology. UV varnish cured by uvled light curing technology takes only a few seconds to a second. It can be completely cured, the curing process does not need high temperature baking, it will not cause problems such as the deformation of the casing, energy saving and high efficiency, and the scrap rate is also reduced. The cured product has no volatile organic residues and is non-toxic and harmless. The workpiece after strong ultraviolet irradiation is also thoroughly sterilized. The gloss of the film can be adjusted from the highest light to the full matt, and with a variety of substrates and primers, it can produce a variety of surface effects. The entire coating is chemically reacted into a single unit that is extremely abrasion and scratch resistant. Several brands commonly used in the market include GOVE, Paisite, Musashi, etc., which are extremely excellent in surface gloss, fullness and texture.