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LED investment is even hotter


LED investment is even hotter

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 As an energy-saving industry, LED has received great attention and attention from governments and enterprises at all levels, setting off a round of investment boom. However, it is undeniable that investors are blind at present, and it is extremely urgent to guide the scientific, healthy and orderly development of the LED industry.

The development of an industry is inseparable from the support of policies and the enthusiastic participation of enterprises. As far as the current LED industry is concerned, the positive macroeconomic policy has indeed enhanced the confidence of practitioners and investors, and the benefits of local policy support have also become obvious. However, as far as market conditions are concerned, considerable risks have accumulated in the upstream, midstream, downstream, and investment, technical, and engineering areas of the LED industry. In particular, the investment in upstream epitaxy and LED chip projects is even more dazzling. According to incomplete statistics, about 30 units are currently building LED epitaxial and chip projects. The planned core equipment MOCVD (organic metal chemical vapor deposition) is as high as 1,400 to 1,600 units, and as of the end of 2009, domestic MOCVD equipment. The total ownership is only more than 150 units. The ultra-conventional investment in the LED industry has triggered people's thinking about overheating LED investment.
There are two main reasons for investing in LEDs: First, the market has great potential, and second, there is a large space for technological development. The LED industry is a technology-intensive, talent-intensive, capital-intensive, patent-intensive industry. It is a round of investment, and one industry round of backward elimination, an industry can continue to develop. However, LED is a high-tech industry with a long industrial chain. From upstream extension, chip, to midstream packaging, it has high technical content and investment risk. In addition to some low-end applications, many high-end applications are also very high. The technical content, for such a high-tech industry with more than 20,000 patents and high emphasis on patent protection in the industry, investors must have a clear understanding of its technical risks and patent risks. Do a good job in market analysis and product positioning, make investment plans and investment plans, and effectively avoid investment risks.
"Hot" is a good thing for a city's development, not a bad thing, but "hot" is quite dangerous. In the eyes of the industry, the development of the LED industry is like a balloon that has been blown up. If it is blown a little more, it will be broken. A better ending is a slow leak, and a smaller balloon may be safer. As with any industry, it is imperative that the LED industry reshuffle and integrate according to market rules.