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Research institutes consider six aspects of UV curing


Research institutes consider six aspects of UV curing

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  For researchers, there are several considerations for choosing a UV curing machine.

1: How to accurately control UV energy?
    For UV curing machines: UV energy (mJ/cm2) = UV intensity (mW/cm2) * exposure time (S); therefore, precise control of UV intensity and exposure time enables precise control of UV energy. Control of exposure time, general advanced UV curing machine, built-in shading type electronic shutter, can set the exposure time. The control of UV intensity is generally controlled by adjusting the duty cycle of the power board. Currently, it can only be 50%-100%. Because the bulb needs a certain current to maintain the illumination state.
2: What is the UV intensity distribution inside the curing box?
    In general, the UV intensity in a UV curing machine is not as uniform as it is supposed to be. If the internal reflector and bulb design are not controlled, the UV intensity will vary greatly. With UVITRON's full-featured INTELLI-RAY 400 curing case with a parabolic reflector, the intensity will gradually decrease with the direction of the parallel bulb, and the farthest point (+/-4inch) will drop by 40%. The strength ranges from 60mw/cm2 to 100mw/cm2. Of course, if your curing area is small, the strength will be more uniform, such as +/- 2inch and the strength is 80mW/cm2-100mw/cm2. Don't choose a so-called "even" UV curing machine that has no data at all.
3: What is the UV spectrum?
    At present, due to the development of photocuring, many applications, such as surface curing, visible light curing, etc., also appear some UVA UVB or visible light enhanced bulbs, advanced UV curing machines can generally be equipped with different spectral bulbs without any hardware changes. It is ok to replace the bulb. This can greatly increase the flexibility of research and development.
4: How to calibrate UV energy
    Usually a process condition or test data is inseparable from the quantitative conditions.
    For UV curing machines, UV energy meters are needed to measure the energy and intensity of UV. A UV energy for UV curing machines is essential. UV MINDER is a highly economical energy meter for UV curing machines.
5: safety and temperature control
    The advanced UV curing machine is safe with a door lock, opens the door and automatically closes the exposure shutter to protect the user. Other designs include good ventilation and automatic standby to effectively control temperature rise. This requires special attention. A light source that is not well controlled by temperature can cause serious dangers of bulb bursting.
6: stability and reliability
    This is hard to prove directly, generally the accumulation of industrial experience. In general, laboratories are usually not equipped with machines, and an unstable light source seriously affects the relevant test progress.