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Cross-strait launch of LED pilot project


Cross-strait launch of LED pilot project

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 At the end of 2010, China's LED development can be said to have made great progress this year. With the support of the municipal governments' policies, with the gradual maturity of China's LED technology, all cities have drawn up LED industry development plans, while still in government and enterprises. Under the joint force, a number of LED technology research and development bases have been established. In terms of cooperation and cooperation, the main focus is on cooperation with Taiwan. Recently, the two sides have once again cooperated to promote the LED pilot project for the first time. The Taiwan Optoelectronics Semiconductor Industry Association and the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance jointly promoted the pilot demonstration of LED lighting in the mainland. LED manufacturers in Taiwan and mainland China will share the business opportunities brought about by the pilot project.

As the second largest LED in the world, such LED pilot projects have not further expanded the mainland market. Compared with the mainland in the development of LEDs, LED technology can be further experienced and learned in this pilot project.
The relevant person in charge said that this is the first time that the Taiwanese factory has cooperated with Chinese manufacturers. The pilot project is based on the street lighting of Xiamen Torch Park Industrial Zone and the Guangzhou Metro Lighting Improvement Project in Guangzhou. The operators will start in January 2011. Xiamen has completed the initial scale of the streetlight plan, and will expand the pilot area in the future. The business opportunity is estimated to be several billion yuan. The Xiamen streetlight plan will be auctioned in the form of a standard case and is expected to be completed by the 2011 lunar calendar. In the Guangzhou subway station streetlight plan, the required LED lighting is more than 20,000, which is expected to be implemented in the second half of 2011.
The participating manufacturers include Taiwan Plant (2448), Yiguang (2393), Guangbao (2301), Guanglin, Ronda (3698), Delta (2308), etc., and Chinese manufacturers have US GE. Investment in Xiamen Tongshida, Bird's Nest lighting system supplier Beijing Liangye Lighting and Hangzhou Silan Mingxin. The LED cooperation project for the first time participated in the LED strong enterprise. In the future, companies that hope to have LED special curing light sources such as Blue Spectrum Rick can also participate in the development of LED industry.