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LED polycrystalline packaging is gradually becoming a climate


LED polycrystalline packaging is gradually becoming a climate

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  The technical application of high-power LED single crystal packaging has matured in the lighting market. These technologies also prove that LED applications are feasible on the illumination, but the LED single crystal package is easy to produce glare and uncomfortable when applied to illumination. The color of the color, technical needs to break through. There are no other better solutions than secondary optics such as reticle or lens. In addition, the high-power single-chip package is quite mature in mass production technology, but the single chip operates under high current (>700mA), and the chip will generate hot spots with relatively high heat density, which makes the package factory In the way of packaging, the thermal stress must also be considered for the problem of derivation during die bonding and soldering. On the other hand, under the same total power, the low-power chip not only has a higher lumen count, but also because the heat source is dispersed on each chip, it is less likely to generate hot spots. Therefore, purely in terms of light and heat, the low-power polycrystalline package has the upper hand.

Of course, related manufacturers are still constantly working to improve the lumens of LED lighting. Edison Optoelectronics has launched a customized polycrystalline high-voltage LED product, which is the main LED bulb market. The best luminous efficiency of the product can reach 120 lumens per watt, and the new product has been successfully shipped in the near future. In addition to the main attack lighting market, high-voltage LEDs can effectively reduce product costs, which is also the main consideration for future LED product development.