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Faced with international competition, cross-strait construction of LED standards


Faced with international competition, cross-strait construction of LED standards

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  LED is recognized as an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving product. Naturally, manufacturers from all over the world are actively investing to seize business opportunities. At present, the growth of Japanese and Korean manufacturers is amazing, especially in South Korea. The output value of high-brightness LEDs has surpassed Taiwan this year. Taiwan's current global LED market share is about 25%, second only to Japan's 41%. Although Taiwan's ability to reduce production and reduce costs is a major advantage in the development of the LED industry, in the face of the competitiveness of Korean manufacturers, Taiwanese manufacturers In addition to the government's policy assistance, and should work with China, it is the key to dominating the world.

It is understood that the development of the LED industry in Korea is so fast, the assistance of the Korean government is indispensable, and the financial resources of the whole country support large enterprises (such as Samsung, LG Electronics, etc.) and develop into a global LED industry. Large enterprises have become the world's leading manufacturers and have taken the lead in market share.
LED experts believe that Taiwan has LED technology, and the output value of LED lighting in the mainland accounts for more than 50% of the world. Therefore, the two sides should jointly establish LED detection platforms and mutual certification, in order to scale up, help each other and enter the global market.
Taiwan has officially announced the LED street lamp standard on December 4, 2008, and is currently docking with the mainland LED street lamp standard. For example, the street lighting in Xiamen, China and the indoor lighting in Guangzhou Metro are all areas for pilot LED lighting on both sides. Pilots can drive industrial business opportunities. At present, the cross-strait LED street light standards have not yet been completed, and there is a need for a common testing platform, and mutual certification and setting up the principle of cross-strait LED industry cooperation.
Only by establishing common standards can we ensure scale and face the international market. After all, mainland and Taiwan LED manufacturers are mostly relying on scale to gain competitive advantage, but the sensitivity to price is also the strongest. As the price of LEDs declines, profits will also be seriously threatened, and the bottleneck of system integration needs to be broken. Therefore, in the face of strong opponents of Japan and South Korea, only by cross-straits can we strengthen our own advantages.