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Looking at the development of LED industry from the Asian Games


Looking at the development of LED industry from the Asian Games

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  On November 12th, the eight sails LED display screens that appeared in the opening ceremony were 100% “made in Shenzhen”. Unlike the simple lighting performances of large-scale events in the past, the Asian Games opened with lights. The combination of artistic lighting and urban landscape lighting, the scale of the light is the highest in the world than the Olympic Games. Let's take a look at the development status of Guangzhou LED industry with Xiaobian.

    The semiconductor lighting industry system in Guangzhou is in constant development and improvement. The industry has a certain scale, the industrial chain has been formed, and it has its own characteristics and advantages. On the whole, the number of LED enterprises in Guangzhou is small, but the degree of intensiveness is high, and the driving ability is strong. It is at the high level in the domestic LED industry and has strong innovation ability and sustainable development potential.
    At present, there are more than 200 semiconductor lighting companies in Guangzhou, of which 80% are applied companies. In 2008, the total industrial scale is about 5 billion yuan. Large-scale enterprises mainly focus on packaging, general lighting, automotive lighting, stage lighting, architectural decoration, LED-TV backlight and display screens, forming the main body of Guangzhou's semiconductor lighting industry, laying a foundation for further expansion of the industry. Good foundation.
    From the perspective of the industrial chain, Guangzhou Semiconductor Lighting has a distribution of epitaxial chips and downstream packaging applications from the middle and upper reaches, especially in terms of packaging and application, such as the SMD device package and crystal of Guangzhou Hongli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Kedian Electronics' chip and integrated packaging products have strong competitive advantages in China. Guangdong Yayi Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. has ranked among the first in the world in LED-TV backlight manufacturing. In addition, in the field of stage lights, display screens, landscapes, street lamps, solar lamps and other applications have also formed a distinctive advantage, which constitutes a distinctive, basically complete industrial chain.
    It is worth noting that Guangzhou and the surrounding area of ​​the semiconductor lighting industry have formed a certain complementary relationship, the development of the surrounding industry provides Guangzhou semiconductor lighting with resources that can be integrated and utilized, such as Foshan's lighting industry foundation, Dongguan's processing and manufacturing capabilities, etc. To a certain extent, it has provided the development foundation for supporting and manufacturing for the semiconductor lighting industry in Guangzhou. The promotion of the integration process of Guangfo has created conditions for the integration and utilization of surrounding resources.