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Shenzhen LED industry affects the development of Shaoxing LED industry


Shenzhen LED industry affects the development of Shaoxing LED industry

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    China's LED enthusiasm is high. Recently, Shaoxing is also preparing to build an LED industry base. Shenzhen is the domestic leader in the LED industry. There are many places that are worth learning from these LED start-up areas. At the 2010 Shenzhen-Shaoxing LED Industry Cooperation Fair held in Shenzhen yesterday, Binhai New City and Shenzhen LED Industry Federation signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, which will take advantage of Shenzhen's LED industry resources to build investment in LED industry in the two places. platform.

    The LED industry is an emerging industry that Shaoxing has been focusing on this year. At present, Shaoxing has a good LED industry foundation. Shaoxing not only has Osram's investment in “new and green lighting”, Zhejiang Sunshine Group and other energy-saving lamp production bases, but also more than 1,000 LED packaging companies throughout the city. At the same time, Shaoxing also has downstream application areas such as display, transportation, and urban construction landscape lighting industry. In addition, Shaoxing also has a strong LED industry supporting capacity.
    According to reports, Shaoxing City will plan to build a new optoelectronic industrial park in Binhai New City, and guide industrial capital, technology and key projects to focus on the optoelectronic industrial park. In the next stage, Shaoxing will focus on creating “four major product groups”: one is the large-size LED backlight for liquid crystal display; the other is LED landscape lighting, indoor lighting and the development of green lighting system combining solar energy and LED; Information display system; Fourth, automotive instrument lighting, steering light source.
    In recent years, Shenzhen LED industry has developed rapidly and formed a complete industrial chain. The total number of enterprises accounts for one-third of the country and has become the largest LED industry base in China. Qian Xiaohua, director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Shaoxing City, said that at present, Shenzhen is constrained by the development space and is encouraging LED companies to properly transfer production to other places. Shaoxing will seize the opportunity of Shenzhen's industrial spillovers and attract projects.
    The person in charge of Binhai New City said that in the future, Binhai New City will introduce a number of LED industry projects through cooperation with the Shenzhen LED Industry Association, starting with the production field and then developing to the market and scientific research, striving for "12. During the five-year period, a complete LED industry chain was basically established, which became the national semiconductor lighting industry base.