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Comparison of development status of deep ultraviolet LEDs at home and abroad


Comparison of development status of deep ultraviolet LEDs at home and abroad

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    In recent years, the application of UV-LED technology in China has developed rapidly. Currently, deep-UV LEDs are mainly used in biomedical, anti-counterfeiting, purification (water, air, etc.), computer data storage and military. etc. And with the development of technology, new applications will continue to appear to replace the original technology and products. UV LED has broad market application prospects. For example, UV LED phototherapy is a popular medical device in the future, but the technology is still in the process. Growth period.

    Compared with China's LED developing countries, what is the current development status of foreign deep ultraviolet LEDs (UV-LEDs)?
    With its first-mover advantage in the field of blue LED, Japan's progress in UV-LED has attracted worldwide attention. In particular, Nichia Corporation is far ahead in the research of 365nm UV-LED; the United States is leading in deep ultraviolet research, but has been surpassed by Japan in recent years; Taiwan and South Korea have started relatively late, and some progress has been made in this field; Domestically, the field has developed rapidly in recent years. Unlike Blu-ray, UV LEDs are currently in the process of technological development, with fewer restrictions on patents and intellectual property rights, which is conducive to occupation and leading the future technological commanding heights. Domestically, there has been a certain accumulation of equipment, materials and devices for UV LEDs, and it is actively developing to application modules. Before the formation of large-scale industries for UV-LEDs, national guidance and support are needed to take the lead in core technologies. The main research objectives in the future are to study high-quality epitaxial growth technology of deep ultraviolet materials; high Al composition AlGaN material growth technology and doping technology; deep ultraviolet LED structure design; LED device chip fabrication process and packaging technology with wavelength below 300 nm; Development and application of UV light source modules for sterilization and purification applications.
    The technical problem to be solved is MOCVD epitaxial growth of high quality AlN template on sapphire substrate; research on luminescence mechanism and structure control technology of AlGaN quantum well; research on P-type high Al composition AlGaN doping technology; ultraviolet LED light extraction efficiency improvement technology; Deep UV LED device technology and packaging technology; deep UV LED application module development.