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Four aspects of analysis of UVLED industry investment


Four aspects of analysis of UVLED industry investment

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    The first investment reason is that one LED is a high-tech industry, and an industry that encourages the development of energy-saving and emission-reduction policies. It is itself an environmentally-friendly product. The main technical indicators of the two LEDs, the luminous efficiency, the total energy efficiency of the lamps and the combination of the light color gamut, etc., are completely 10-15 years. Thirdly, from the perspective of market analysis, some people have analyzed the market potential of LED display and lighting in more than one trillion yuan. It is a combination of blue light and yellow light. Now we have to do LEDs similar to sunlight. There are 4-15 years above. If these are true, we can provide us with a safe and comfortable light source.

    The second investment content. In addition to the five parts of the industrial chain, there are also important supporting industries. For example, epitaxial raw materials, packaging materials, brackets, bases, ceramic materials, heat sinks, equipment, drive power, LED-specific lamps, etc. It is very important to talk about the package here. Now there are many manufacturers who sell the accessories very well. I can give a lot of examples. Some people specialize in the brackets of the lights and some of them are also powered. This is a combination. Now many people are investing. Extension, the key now is to emphasize all aspects of the investment chain, which is a personal point of view. In addition, the application range of LED is very wide and there are many varieties. It is necessary to invest in excellent investment.
    The third investment risk, the first to understand the patent trends, should fully understand the patent content, patent protection and patent disputes in the technical field, and cause investment risks due to patent disputes. The second is to master the core technology. It is best to have the core technology of independent intellectual property rights, or have high-end technical talents in this field. Otherwise, it is very risky to repeatedly invest in LEDs to withstand products. The third market is highly competitive. It is necessary to fully consider that the products of Taiwan, South Korea and other related companies compete fiercely in the market, which is very challenging for investors.
    The fourth investment is overheated. More than 26 announcements and random inspections have been issued, and more than 1,000 units have been signed and planned to purchase MOCVD equipment. In the end, no one can tell, and even the government can’t tell, actually, according to my estimation, we will be in the first half of next year. The country may have 500-600 units, which is the core equipment of the core technology. One of the larger ones is 2.3 million US dollars. Two manufacturers produce one, one is produced in the United States, and the other is produced in Germany. The manufacturers mentioned just now have 20 of them. Manufacturers will produce, even if there are 50 manufacturers and 30 manufacturers in the current 50, not growing so fast, its growth rate is so rapid, the focus is on whether the investment is overheated, the problem is very complicated, there must be research data Can be analyzed. The market predicts that the domestic market of LED industry will reach 400 billion yuan in 2015 and 1 trillion yuan after 2020. After the innovation in the next few years, what should I do if I get 6 inches? Your 2, 3 inches will be eliminated at once, so the investment should be based on the needs of the market.