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Industrial policy brings opportunities to the LED industry


Industrial policy brings opportunities to the LED industry

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  The application of semiconductor lighting has been closely linked with national strategic goals such as energy conservation, environmental protection and environmental protection. Especially in China's industrial revitalization plan for the global financial crisis, semiconductor lighting has also been used as a focus to enhance traditional industries and foster new industries. One of the areas that provides an excellent opportunity for the development of the semiconductor lighting industry.

    The Ministry of Finance plans to increase the promotion of high-efficiency lighting products in 2009 and vigorously promote the use of energy-saving. Due to the unique advantages of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection, LEDs have experienced explosive growth in recent years.
    Technical level: LED has high technical bottleneck and low learning threshold. Although the domestic IC manufacturing base is relatively weak and the technological level is relatively low, some domestic enterprises have made breakthroughs in technology by hiring overseas technicians. The technical level of domestic good enterprises has not been much different from that of Taiwanese manufacturers. The overall gap with international manufacturers is also drawing closer; Market demand level: LED's main market in the future is the general lighting market, the market capacity is large, the terminal consumer market is relatively scattered, and it is not easy to form a monopoly. The domestic enterprises have a vast living space and the terminal market. The growth will drive the development of all aspects of the LED industry chain; LED industry chain structure level: LED downstream packaging is labor-intensive, domestic labor cost advantage, and will continue to be the main aspect of China's LED enterprise development. Due to the small size and low profit margin of the packaging industry, with the maturity of domestic technology in recent years, domestic LED enterprises will gradually penetrate into the upstream raw materials and substrates, the midstream extension and the chip field, thus pursuing greater development. And profit margins.