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Demystifying the opening ceremony of the Asian Games LED situation


Demystifying the opening ceremony of the Asian Games LED situation

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  The opening ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games will be held in Haixinsha Island. It has been learned from the Asian Games Organizing Committee that in order to reflect the "twilight" Asian Games concept, the opening ceremony of the Asian Games will use LED lights to dress up the shadow effect, the number is expected to reach 100,000 baht. When the opening ceremony went to "Green One Minute", in just sixty seconds, the Guangzhou Tower, with a light of more than 600 meters, turned into a towering green Asian tree of life. The main buildings around Haixinsha Island and the banks of the Pearl River turn green. Let people find the feeling of green homes in the reinforced concrete city. At the same time, they appeal to the whole city to move a pot of flowers or a cluster of green plants in the house to the balcony and window at this moment, let the stars see and let the world see. Starting from Haixinsha Island, the main venue and the 2000-inch high-power LED searchlight on both sides of the Pearl River became discolored into a green wave corridor. This is a rare light art show that has penetrated into the heart from vision.

    In addition, on the Pearl River near Haixinsha Island, a huge LED light network flashing the emblem of the Olympic Council of Asia and the emblem of the Asian Games, flowing in the Haixinsha waters above the Pearl River, from the banks of the Pearl River, especially It is in the sky above Guangzhou and the surrounding high buildings that you can feel the sportsmanship and romantic elements conveyed by the river emblem.
    The combination of the high-tech stage display means and the opening ceremony of the sports performance of the Games emblem has achieved great success at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games. At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the image of the Olympic emblem, the five-ring image, in the form of LED light net, unexpectedly rises above the "Bird's Nest" stage, the romantic and beautiful feeling deeply touched the audience. The opening ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games chose LED emblem light net to flow along the Pearl River to Haixinsha, which is also very visible.
    It is reported that in order to create this water surface optical network, 500,000 LED light spots were used, and 500 skilled technicians spent 5 days, hand-weaving LED light with a length of 42 meters, a width of 48 meters and an area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters. network. After repeated trials, this "water emblem" is not afraid of wind and waves, nor is it afraid of rain.
    As the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, Haixinsha's comprehensive technology development and innovation practice project will create the “first” for the application of many scientific and technological achievements. One of the main points of view is that the main venue "Asian Games Boat" can lift LED display. It adopts a large folding elevator sail LED display. The unique design of four large sail-shaped LED displays is 30 meters wide and the installation height is 86 meters. It can be folded and lifted in sections, and can be carried. It is the first in China and abroad.