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Scientific and orderly development of the LED industry


Scientific and orderly development of the LED industry

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  As an energy-saving industry, LED is highly concerned by the state and local governments and enterprises at all levels. Recently, all domestic resources have invested heavily in the LED industry, and whether there is excessive investment has caused controversy over different opinions.

    What are the global concerns in the post-industrial era? Undoubtedly, low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development are some of the most popular hotspots. Regardless of the angle from which the LED is judged, there is a lot of room for development. The competent authorities of the Chinese government, such as the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Education have all given great support to the development of the LED industry. Including the investment of funds, local governments at all levels also attach great importance to the development of the industry. According to incomplete statistics, 14 provinces and municipalities have clearly established a semiconductor lighting industrial park to develop the LED industry as an emerging industry in the region.
    According to relevant statistics, in 2009, 22 billion yuan invested in the LED field, and more than 26 epitaxial chip companies have been announced and are under construction. It includes LED companies in the United States, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, as well as a large number of domestic private capital. More than 1,000 MOCVD equipment has been signed and planned to be purchased. The question of whether growth is so rapid and whether investment is overheating has become the focus of debate. But the problem is very complicated and there is research data to analyze. However, more than 20 provinces and municipalities across the country are investing heavily in the LED industry, and focusing on the extension of LEDs and chip manufacturing lines, the construction of production lines has indeed seen a trend of overheated investment in the near future. In this regard, the development of the LED industry must be scientific and rational. Investment is not an end, and good results are our ultimate goal. All localities must clearly analyze and understand their own advantages, and determine what to do and how to do according to their comparative advantages. This is the key. Any industry development has its own characteristics and laws. If you don't understand clearly and don't understand, development will inevitably be blind. Blind development is hard to have good results. Due to the support of local governments and the entry of funds from all parties, the scale of China's LED industry continues to expand. While the scale of the industry is expanding, the contradiction of industrial structure imbalance is also very prominent. The proportion of upstream chip industry is very small, more Still application. Of course, the application is very important to China's industrial development, but from the perspective of sustainable industrial development and industrial competitiveness, the current LED industry structure is problematic.
    From the perspective of technological innovation, China's LED technology innovation capability is constantly improving, but in general, there is still a considerable gap in our level.
    The development of China's electronic information industry has a very obvious feature. The bigger the gap is, the LED field is no exception. Material and equipment have always lagged behind the development of the industry, which is the core issue. China's LED chips and device products are mainly in the middle and low-end, and more than 80% of high-brightness power LED chips and devices rely on imports. The key equipment for epitaxial production, MOCVD and epitaxial wafer substrate, high-performance silica gel for packaging, epoxy resin, phosphor and other raw materials are basically imported. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that it is extremely urgent for LED enterprises to become bigger and stronger, to make the industry bigger and stronger, to speed up product structure adjustment and accelerate industrial restructuring. Of course, the ability to innovate objectively requires an accumulating process, and the ability to truly form innovation is not a problem that can be solved in a short time. In the development of emerging industries, all localities should seriously analyze and think seriously.
    The LED industry is active and fast-changing. Innovative activities, more opportunities, investors are willing to enter. To analyze the current industrial investment situation, we must carefully analyze the industry to accurately judge the development of the industry. The risks are nothing more than funds, technology, market, intellectual property, talents, business operations, etc., must have a correct and rational understanding of the risk industry, follow the development law of the LED industry, and guarantee the healthy, scientific and orderly development of the industry.