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LED packaging effect proves that LED packaging has broad prospects


LED packaging effect proves that LED packaging has broad prospects

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   In response to the increasing demand for LED application market, the corresponding LED packaging market growth rate has also accelerated, especially SMD and high-power LED packaging has grown more rapidly, and has gradually become the mainstream trend in the LED packaging market. In the LED packaging market, LED surface mount package brackets account for about 40% of the market share, and the remaining 60% are pin-type. From the perspective of technology replacement, the pin type will be gradually adopted in the next few years. Surface mount replacement.

    1. From the perspective of the actual domestic demand scale, the demand for surface mount LED precision brackets has grown rapidly, maintaining a growth rate of around 30%, and reached a high growth rate of 43.1% in 2008, showing strong market demand. Due to the advantages of green, environmental protection and energy saving, LED is in line with the national energy conservation and emission reduction development policy, and the overall market trend is still good in the future.
    2. The rapid development of LEDs in emerging application markets such as large-size backlights, landscape lighting, automotive lights, and low-light lighting will gradually become another booster for the LED market. In 2009, China's LED market sales reached 5.05 billion, an increase of 16.7%. In 2005-2009, China's LED market demand annual compound growth rate reached 16.4%. With landscape lighting, LED street lights and large-size backlight applications The gradual increase will drive the average price of LEDs. In 2014, China's LED market demand will reach 34.13 billion yuan. In terms of quantity, the demand for surface mount LED precision brackets in China in 2010 was 26.41 billion, to 2014. It will reach 57.97 billion in the year.
    3. Thinking about China's LED packaging industry. On the whole, although there are many enterprises in China's LED industry development, there are not many large enterprises in the industry, small enterprises are clustered and the technical strength is uneven. From the perspective of enterprise share, the top five local enterprises only account for about 10% of the total output value. The scattered strength of enterprises and low industrial concentration are important portrayals of the competition pattern of China's LED packaging industry. Although there are domestic LED packaging bracket companies such as Shenzhen Blue Spectrum Technology Co., Ltd., the semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry is a strategic growth industry supported by the state, and the country needs to support its localization.