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UV technology achieves beautiful printing results


UV technology achieves beautiful printing results

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    There is no doubt that the deep processing of packaging products such as hot stamping, laminating, embossing and various glazing applications has become common, and special effects glazing has become a trend. The rise of a variety of glazing technologies is largely due to the development of technology and the configuration of printing presses. In the folding carton printing of cosmetics and cigarette packets, sheetfed offset presses have an absolute advantage. For those special parts that are difficult to complete with offset printing, it can be achieved by silk screen or single gravure. At present, the multi-unit glazing unit has become the most basic component of the sheetfed offset printing machine, and it can easily complete the special effect glazing.

    Diversified technologies must be compatible with application knowledge
    For packaging and printing plants, success comes from a thorough understanding of the needs of market segments, such as the cosmetics industry, where diverse technical equipment is the most basic condition. Today, in addition to numerous printing technologies, flexible glazing units and UV unit configurations have become increasingly important. Equally critical is the printing plant's ability to apply and master new technologies. With the diversification of technical equipment, printing companies engaged in the production of folding cartons must have complete application knowledge of printing and post-processing, and the research and development capabilities and practical experience in the pre-press stage are also essential. It can be said that companies with all the above conditions are more likely to enter the field of cosmetic packaging and succeed.
    Can only be achieved by UV printing
    Cosmetic packaging often uses some special materials. Metal cardboard, composite cardboard and aluminum-sprayed paper, as well as glazed cardboard, have become more and more widely used in the field of cosmetic crystal packaging, showing a steady and steady growth momentum. New transparent composites have also been used in plastic box packaging. Since these substrates cannot be printed in the usual way, and UV technology is required to achieve the desired effect, not only are more and more UV coatings applied, but the use of UV printing inks is also more common. According to this trend, UV printing will become the standard configuration in the future, and the completion of stable quality printing operations will no longer be as lucky as before. The powerful delivery system is only the most basic configuration, and the intermediate unit curing is no longer a luxury equipment. These devices provide a wide application space for printing companies, which can fully meet the special requirements of the makeup crystal industry.