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Create an excellent LED company


Create an excellent LED company

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  The LED industry is an emerging industry. It is a start-up industry and a sunrise industry, so it is worth investing. However, like many industrial developments, the profit rate is relatively high at the beginning, and many people participate, but the final result must not be that everyone can survive. By the time the industry finally matures, Jiang Zhongyong believes that there will be no more than 10 LED chip companies. Is it possible for more than 50 chip companies to survive? This is a question worth considering.

    How to let enterprises survive in the fierce market competition in the future. The conditions for building a good enterprise are capital and talent. At the moment, the hardest thing is the talent and team issues. For a team, the captain is very important, especially the first captain, the first captain will lead the team to form a corporate culture, it is the soul of the future enterprise. At the same time, the company's product positioning should also be selected, the company's products must have differentiated competition with other companies, rather than homogenized competition. The quality and ability that a good team needs to have: First, professionalism, second, need to have a good management level, third, innovation, and fourth, a broad mind is also very important.