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LED is suitable for group breeding seedlings


LED is suitable for group breeding seedlings

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    The group breeding seedlings we are talking about is a biotechnology that can obtain a large number of seedlings of the homologous parental gene. With the support of the current high technology, the group breeding seedlings have formed a large-scale industry application, widely used, and is contemporary and efficient. Advanced agricultural technology. At present, the LED application to the group cultivation seedlings has made substantial breakthroughs. Nowadays, foreign countries are increasing the research and application promotion of LED in plant tissue culture and factory group cultivation. This is because of plant tissue culture and its industrialization. The nursery industry relies entirely on electric light sources, and LEDs will first achieve breakthrough applications in this industry.

一: Plant tissue culture and its seedlings urgently require high bio-energy LED light source
    Group breeding seedlings must have an electric light source, but conventional electric light sources are commonly used. The energy efficiency of the traditional electric light source is only 0.5%, the electric energy is wasted, the effect is not good, and the cost is high. The overall electricity cost accounts for 30%~40% of the total cost of the tissue culture seedling. The high-energy and high-efficiency LED light source will inevitably lead to profound changes in the plant tissue culture industry, reduce the cultivation cost, and promote the expansion of the group cultivation seedling industry.
二: LED light source has significant energy saving effect and persistent consumer market in plant tissue culture
    The electric light source is a necessities and consumables for the group breeding seedlings, so the LED light source special light source has a broad and lasting consumer market. China is the production base and export base for planting plant seedlings in the world. It is also the world's largest market for tissue culture seedlings. Since the mid-1990s, China has undertaken the industrial transfer of the global factory group to cultivate seedlings, and the industrial transfer process has now been completed. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture, as of the end of 2007, there are more than 300 tissue culture enterprises with an annual output of more than 10 million plants. The total area of ​​plant tissue culture is over 20 million square meters, the total output is more than 3 billion plants, and the output value is 20 billion yuan. about. The daily illumination time of tissue culture is 16h/d. If the total production area of ​​the national production of 20 million square meters is calculated according to the production date of 300 days per year, the total annual electricity consumption caused by fluorescent lamps is above 107.5 billion KW/h. After adopting LED, the annual power consumption is about 51.8 billion KW/h, and the annual energy saving is more than 56 billion KW/h. The energy saving effect is remarkable.
    During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, China's agricultural experts have already studied the application of LED for group breeding seedlings, and have mastered the application principle and key technologies of LED in plant seedlings, laying the foundation for application technology, and three groups. Samples of special light source have been developed, and the principle and technical reserve have been prepared for further promotion and application. The urgent task that needs to be done now is to apply the results to the plant tissue culture factory and its entire industry, and use the LED-specific tissue light source to equip 1~2 groups to cultivate seedling enterprises, and form an application demonstration with display degree, which can be used for promotion. The demonstration can be used by experts and leaders to inspect and guide, laying the foundation for the development of complete marketization.