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LED is deeply affected by the "card neck"


LED is deeply affected by the "card neck"

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    What are the difficulties and challenges facing Guangdong's LED industry?
    On the one hand, it faces the suppression policy of developed countries. Developed countries such as the United States and Japan rely on the monopoly advantages of technology and patents to lead the way in the direction and pace of industrial development. With the rapid development of the LED industry, in order to compete for huge market profits, the sticks of product intellectual property litigation are being swung more and more frequently, bringing pressure on the LED industry in Guangdong, which is mainly applied product manufacturing, to greatly squeeze The living space of Guangdong products in the international market.
    If we can't reverse the unfavorable pattern as soon as possible, the LED industry in our province may repeat the mistakes of the VCD industry. The foreign giants who are mastered of core technologies are taking the nose, relying on capacity expansion and price wars to earn meager processing fees, indulging in the low end of the industrial chain. And it didn’t work.
    On the other hand, it faces fierce domestic industry competition. China's Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions and Shandong, Jiangxi and other provinces have increased their efforts to compete for the development of the LED industry. The preferential measures introduced by some provinces are quite strong, and they are even worse than Guangdong. The most obvious example is the lack of MOCVD.
    As the international market is highly monopolized by two foreign companies, and domestically rushing to MOCVD equipment around the expansion of production capacity, domestic MOCVD odd goods can live, orders have been discharged two years later, our province's enterprises are limited by capacity and can not meet customer needs, already have " Card neck is suffering.
    How can we not be "card necked"?

    In the final analysis, the biggest weakness lies in the fact that the province's LED industry has weak independent innovation capability, lacks independent intellectual property rights in core technologies and products, and lacks “Guangdong core”, resulting in weak core competitiveness of the industry and the inability to grasp the commanding heights and market discourse of industrial development. right. In the image, it can be said that "the block is big and the foundation is shallow." Grasping the core technology and improving the independent innovation capability has become the strategic choice and central task for the development of the LED industry in our province.