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LED industry needs scientific and orderly rational layout


LED industry needs scientific and orderly rational layout

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  With the update of LED technology and the expansion of the market, the rapid development of the LED industry is reasonable. The LED luminous efficiency is further improved (the laboratory has reached 208lm/W, and the luminous efficiency of the product will reach 150lm/W at the end of this year), which will promote new product development and further expansion.

    At present, China's LED industry has been in a mixed situation, and the application of LEDs has been further expanded. The LED curing with higher technology content is gradually maturing. Like any industry, the LED industry will certainly have a process of reshuffling and survival of the fittest. Recently, some domestic large enterprises have invested in the LED market. At the same time, large foreign companies have also entered the Chinese market. For example, Cree and Xuming Company respectively set up LED chip factories in China, which should be a huge threat to domestic chip companies lacking core patent technology. According to the characteristics of the domestic LED industry, it is imperative to give full play to the advantages of domestic enterprises, integrate upstream and downstream resources, and enlarge and strengthen the LED industry. Fan Yuxi, Chairman of the National Semiconductor Lighting R&D and Industry Alliance Industry and Chairman of Xiamen Hualian, suggested that the enterprises with certain scale strength and good development potential should be greatly supported and accelerate the cultivation of domestic leading enterprises and brand enterprises. Domestic efforts should be made to improve the middle and low-end areas. While introducing foreign technology to high-end products, we must accelerate the development and support of the development of core technologies for independent intellectual property rights. Otherwise, China LED will repeat the mistakes of the DVD patent.
    The development of the LED industry should focus on five aspects of work. First, strengthen guidance, and prepare the "12th Five-Year" LED industry development plan; second, study and formulate industrial policies to create a good policy environment for industrial development; third, break through key common technologies and build a technological innovation system with enterprises as the mains; The fourth is to improve the construction of LED standards and testing systems, and strengthen intellectual property work; the fifth is to strengthen the interaction of the industry chain and promote the application of LED in various fields. It is hoped that governments at all levels can calmly guide the scientific, healthy and orderly development of the LED industry. It is believed that LED-related enterprises will develop in an orderly and healthy manner according to market rules, and the LED industry will become an important strategic new industry in China.