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Impetuous LED industry

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  The development of any industry should have at least certain rules. LED is no exception. First, we must recognize that LED is an emerging industry. Emerging industries mean that related technologies are not yet mature, stable, and related to industrial support policies and production standards. Certification standards and maintenance standards need to develop a framework that will help them grow healthily according to their development trends, allowing them to pass trial and error, use verification, and gradually implement promotion under the guidance of policies.

    Secondly, any industry is a very large system. To make this system work well, the most important thing is people, a very large human resources system. It requires more than just a few experts and doctors to do the industry. As a result, he needs both top-notch technical talents and related management, marketing, testing, production and other talents who are willing to devote themselves to this industry. All these talents gradually gather together to make progress in the industry.
    Third, there are still many people who are unclear. They think that only the upstream chip is the core technology. The middle and lower-end packaging and application are not high-tech or core technologies. This kind of thinking is wrong. Take LEDs. It said that it needs to cover semiconductor technology, optical technology, structural technology, heat dissipation technology, electronic technology, process modeling technology, and plastics, hardware chemicals, heat conduction and other technical categories. This comprehensive application technology is not a screwdriver, buy back a few A combination of accessories can be achieved. As the saying goes: It is easy to make a thing, but it is very difficult to do a good thing. Imagine that a simple screw made by the Japanese is better than ours. Why? That is People have done a long-term careful and in-depth study of a very simple thing, so the Japanese have core technology on the screw and we don't. Conversely, if we only value the chip and ignore the other, even after another ten years In the year, we still have no core technology and have to rely on European and American countries for high-end products.
    In fact, in front of the LED industry is a long-term problem. If any link is not handled well, it will only depend on it. Therefore, if the industry colleagues and our government leaders can't get rid of the impetuous mentality of quick success and instant benefit, relying on survival to talk about development, everything is vain!