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Break through the bottleneck and increase LED output value


Break through the bottleneck and increase LED output value

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  Guangdong's LED output value last year was 39 billion yuan, accounting for 50% of the country; and in the first half of this year, it has exceeded 35 billion yuan, an increase of 80% year-on-year. It is expected that the output value of Guangdong LED will exceed 80 billion yuan this year. It is gratifying that the output value of LED has doubled in successive years. However, how much profit does the company receive after the output value? Experts said that enterprises that master core technologies and manufacturing such as epitaxial wafers and chips account for 70% of the profits of the entire chain, and this part of the enterprises are mainly foreign-funded enterprises.

    Faced with this problem, for the LED base - Shenzhen, the core technology such as chips, this is a core issue that has to be faced. If this problem is not solved, the industrial development will be bigger and the industrial chain will be more complete. After all, it will only be able to linger on the periphery of the LED, and it will not be able to capture the huge profits inside. This is a question worthy of thinking about LED companies and local governments. In this process, whoever first realizes and breaks through this predicament is likely to preempt.
    Every industry needs a process to be accepted by the market. The development trajectory of LED can also be roughly divided into the alternative acceptance stage, the utility model stage and the final intelligent popularization stage. At present, the country is still generally in the stage of substitution and acceptance, while some countries in Europe and America have already reached the stage of utility model. The rapid growth of the market and the demand will inevitably drive the development of this technology. Although the core technology of LED chips is currently concentrated in the hands of several foreign giants, we are already delighted to see that companies such as BlueRick have begun to break through barriers. It is foreseeable that when LED products are gradually popularized, technology monopoly It will be broken, and more profits will be among the vast practical products.
    For Shenzhen, in addition to the need to improve core technology, start regional brands and improve the industrial chain, we must pay attention to product innovation, avoid homogenization of products flooding the market, some companies with innovative design concepts, testing centers, industry standards And the professional talents must be predictive. Only in this way can we increase the value of LED production and increase profits.