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LED package differences


LED package differences

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一: package production and test equipment differences

    LED main packaging production equipment includes solid crystal machine, wire bonding machine, sealing machine, spectrophotometer, dispensing machine, smart oven and so on. Five years ago, LED automatic packaging equipment was basically the world of foreign brands, mainly from Europe and Taiwan. China only has a small supply of semi-automatic solid crystal and wire bonding equipment. In the past five years, China's LED production equipment manufacturing industry has made great progress. Nowadays, automatic solid crystal machine, automatic sealing machine, spectrophotometric separation machine, automatic dispensing machine, intelligent oven, etc. are all supplied by manufacturers. Good value for money.
    LED main test equipment includes IS standard instrument, photoelectric integrated tester, TG point tester, integrating ball lumen tester, phosphor tester, etc. and reliability test equipment such as thermal shock, high temperature and high humidity. Except for the standard instruments mainly from Germany and the United States, other equipments are currently produced and supplied by domestic manufacturers.
    At present, among the LED packaging enterprises in China, LED packaging companies in the forefront have the world's most advanced packaging equipment, which is determined by the advantages of latecomers. As far as the hardware level is concerned, China's LED packaging companies above the scale are the most advanced in the world. Of course, some of the higher level test and analysis equipment has yet to be further equipped.
    Therefore, China has a world-leading level in packaging equipment hardware, with the basis of advanced packaging technology and process development.
二: LED chip difference
    At present, there are about 10 LED chip companies in mainland China, which started late and are not big enough. The largest LED chip companies have an annual output value of about 300 million yuan, and the average annual output value of each family is 1 to 200 million.
    In the past two years, LED chip companies in mainland China have developed rapidly and their technology level has improved rapidly. Small and medium-sized chips (below 15mils) have been able to meet the needs of domestic packaging companies. Large-size chips (referred to as power-type W-class chips) Imports are also required, mainly from US and Taiwanese companies, but large-size chips can only be used in large quantities after the LEDs enter general illumination.
    The performance of LED package devices depends on the LED chip by 50%. The core indicators of the LED chip include brightness, wavelength, failure rate, antistatic ability, attenuation and so on. At present, most of the small and medium-sized chips of domestic LED packaging enterprises use domestic brands. The performance of these domestic brands is small compared with foreign brands, and they have good cost performance, and can meet the needs of most LED application companies. In particular, the performance of some chip brands has been comparable to that of foreign brands. Through the cooperation of packaging technology, it has been able to meet the needs of many high-end applications.