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LED packaging technology


LED packaging technology

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    一: Chip Pasting Technology Because the light generated by LEDs is subjected to multiple total reflections, most of them are absorbed by the semiconductor material itself and the packaging material. Therefore, when GaAs which absorbs light is used as the substrate of the AlGaInP LED, the absorption loss inside the LED is made larger, thereby greatly reducing the light extraction efficiency of the module. In order to reduce the absorption of light emitted by the substrate from the LED, a paste bonding technique of a transparent substrate has been developed. The transparent substrate bonding technology mainly applies pressure to the LED die at a high temperature, and pastes the transparent GaP substrate, and then removes the GaAs, thereby increasing the light extraction rate by twice. The chip pasting technology is mainly applied to the quaternary LED components. This technology is applied to GaN LEDs, which can increase the light extraction efficiency of blue LEDs to 75%, which is three times higher than the traditional method.

    二: flip-chip LED packaging technology For GaN series materials using sapphire substrates, because the P-pole and N-pole electrodes must be on the same side of the component, if the traditional packaging method is used, it accounts for most of the component's illumination angle. The upper illuminating surface will lose a certain amount of light due to the blocking of the electrodes. The conventional component is reversed, and a reflective layer with a higher reflectivity is formed over the P-type electrode to derive the light originally emitted from the upper part of the component from other illumination angles of the component and to be taken by the edge of the sapphire substrate. This method can reduce the light loss on the electrode side by about twice as much as the conventional package. In addition, since the flip-chip structure can be directly contacted by the heat dissipation structure in the package structure by the electrode or the bump, the heat dissipation effect of the component can be greatly improved, and the light output of the component can be further improved. {{Page}}
    三: Surface Mount LED Packaging Technology In order to reduce manufacturing costs by using automated assembly technology, surface mount devices (SMD) have been gradually promoted in LED production since the 1980s, and this technology was further strengthened in the 1990s. The original SMD-LEDs were used primarily as low-power devices for the illumination of pointing devices and mobile phone keypads. Later, high-power SMD-LED devices were developed for automotive panel lighting, brake lights, and extended for general-purpose lighting.