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UV light curing development trend


UV light curing development trend

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  1: Due to the high boring of the oligomer, it is necessary to add more reactive diluent, and some reactive diluents have certain toxicity, and have certain irritation to the skin. Therefore, the research trend is to develop low-waste oligomeric varieties, macromolecular active monomers or low-skin irritant reactive diluent products, reducing the amount of reactive diluents. At the same time, the problem of difficult curing of colored systems and the problem of anaerobicity of free radical reaction systems are yet to be further studied.

    2: For further research on materials used in cationic photocuring systems, the cationic photocuring system is not interfered by oxygen inhibition, and the curing shrinkage is small, but currently there are fewer varieties of cationic photocurable resins and reactive diluents, which limits the system. development of. Further synthesis and search for resins and reactive diluents suitable for cationic photocuring systems, varieties of cationic photoinitiators have yet to be developed, and synthetic methods and photoinitiation efficiencies need to be improved.
    3: Workpieces, traditional process equipment, irradiation systems, and products are difficult to achieve the required performance, so it is necessary to use a computer to simulate and design the UV-curable coating irradiation system.
    In short, UV-curable coating technology has strong vitality and unlimited market development space because of its outstanding advantages such as no pollution, high efficiency, high performance, energy saving and resource saving. It is believed that as new resins, photoinitiators and new formulations continue to emerge, and radiation curing systems continue to improve and improve, their applications will become wider and wider.