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Shenzhen LED--high quality packaging products


Shenzhen LED--high quality packaging products

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    Shenzhen is one of the earliest LED industrial areas in China. As early as around 1997, some manufacturers in Shenzhen saw the benefits of LED products. Many foreign trade companies also handed over the accessories of LED products, especially LEDs, to manufacturers in Shenzhen. Today, although the manufacturers of LED products in Shenzhen have increased every year, they are still dominated by foreign brands in the eyes of dealers and consumers. There are more than 2,000 companies engaged in the research, development, production and application of LED technology and products in Shenzhen, most of which belong to the technical field of LED packaging and application. There are 97 high-tech enterprises engaged in LED, accounting for 3.5% of the 2,835 high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen. Among the related enterprises in Shenzhen, there is only one chip production, and there are no semiconductor materials and phosphors that are vital to the production of the products. Whether it is technology, process, equipment, or key raw materials, it needs to be introduced.

    For a long time, there are some problems in Shenzhen LED enterprises: 1. Always paying attention to foreign trade, not paying attention to the domestic market, resulting in low visibility of enterprises; 2. Lack of core technology. The real core technology is still in the hands of international lighting giants; 3, not focusing on the retail market. Almost all LED manufacturers know that the retail market is a huge mine, but there is no way to develop it. 4. Shenzhen LED manufacturers do not pay attention to self-promotion, which results in the lack of information in the domestic market and weak brand image. 5. Some new LED manufacturers in Shenzhen imported the cottage mobile phone model in order to survive, and even rushed to the market below the cost price, which greatly damaged the image of “Shenzhen” brand. Therefore, as the leading product of the future, Shenzhen is eager to call for the emergence of LED leaders.