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LED power package

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  The LED chip and package are developed in the direction of high power. Under the high current, the luminous flux is 10-20 times larger than that of the Φ5mm LED. The effective heat dissipation and non-degrading packaging materials must be used to solve the light decay problem. Therefore, the package and the package are also the key. Technology, LED packages that can withstand several W power have emerged. 5W series white, green, blue green, blue power LEDs have been available since the beginning of 2003. The white LED light output reaches 1871m, the light efficiency is 44.31m/W green light decay problem, and the LED that can withstand 10W power is developed. The area tube; the size of the crucible is 2.5×2.5mm, it can work under the current of 5A, and the light output reaches 2001m. It has great development space as a solid illumination source.

    The Luxeon series power LEDs are flip-chip soldered to the silicon carrier with solder bumps, and then the flip-chip soldered silicon carrier is placed in the heat sink and the package, and the bonding leads are packaged. This package is optimized for light extraction efficiency, heat dissipation performance, and increased operating current density. Its main features: low thermal resistance, generally only 14 ° C / W, only 1 / 10 of conventional LED; high reliability, flexible gel filled inside the package, in the range of -40-120 ° C, not due to temperature The internal stress generated by the sudden change breaks the gold wire from the lead frame and prevents the epoxy lens from turning yellow, and the lead frame is not stained by oxidation; the optimal design of the reflective cup and lens makes the radiation pattern controllable and optical The most efficient. In addition, its output optical power, external quantum efficiency and other properties are excellent, and the LED solid-state light source has reached a new level.
    The package structure of Norlux series power LED is a multi-chip combination of hexagonal aluminum plate as the base (making it non-conductive). The base diameter is 31.75mm, and the light-emitting area is at the center of it. The diameter is about 0.375×25.4mm. 40 LED dies, the aluminum plate acts as a heat sink at the same time. The bonding wires of the die are connected to the positive and negative terminals through two contact points made on the base, and the number of aligned dies on the base is determined according to the required output optical power, and the packaged ultra-high brightness AlGaInN and AlGaInP can be combined. The die, which emits light in a single color, color or synthetic white, is finally encapsulated in an optically designed shape with a high refractive index material. The package adopts a conventional high-density package with high density, high light extraction efficiency, low thermal resistance, better protection of the die and bonding wires, and high light output power under high current, which is also a promising future. LED solid light source. In the application, the packaged product can be assembled on a metal core PCB board with aluminum interlayer to form a power density LED. The PCB board is used as the wiring for connecting the device electrodes, and the aluminum core interlayer can be used as a heat sink. Higher luminous flux and photoelectric conversion efficiency. In addition, the packaged SMD LEDs are small in size and can be flexibly combined to form a variety of illumination sources such as module type, light guide type, concentrating type, and reflective type.
    The thermal characteristics of power LEDs directly affect the operating temperature, luminous efficiency, wavelength of illumination, and service life of LEDs. Therefore, the packaging design and manufacturing technology of power LED chips are particularly important.