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LED environment is both environmentally friendly and artistic


LED environment is both environmentally friendly and artistic

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    The “HuShang·Ecological Home” LED environment is environmentally safe and cultural and artistic. It perfectly interprets the new ecological living concept of “focusing on environmental protection and energy conservation, advocating happy life”, fully demonstrating the new generation of lighting sources with low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection. The advantages of health, versatility and intelligence.
    Low-carbon energy-saving: The energy-saving effect is remarkable. Compared with the traditional lighting mode, the overall energy-saving is more than 30%. The overall architectural lighting uses a traditional lighting design with a power of 50 kW and an LED lighting design with a power of 35 kW.
    Green and environmental protection: LED uses chip light-emitting technology to directly convert electrical energy into light, with high conversion efficiency, no harmful gas generated by the light source body, and fully conforms to the green ecological architectural concept.
    Intelligent and changeable: LED's intelligent dimming and coloring function enables the light to participate in life with multiple roles, such as the successful shaping of the lighting environment of the exhibition's senior home, and the shaping of the light environment of the work, life and entertainment scenes of the Youth House.
    LED plant fill light application: blending different bands of LED lighting can not only illuminate, but also promote plant growth, flowers, fruits, vegetables and other preservation.
    LED light information transmission technology: LED lamps add carrier transmission information, making one lamp dual-use, effectively ensuring information transmission is safe, reliable and convenient; large-area shaped surface light source technology: such as the exhibition large youth shaped LED surface light ceiling (Three floating belt surface light source illustration), the light uniformity distribution technology has made a breakthrough.
    LED light source plastic integrated design technology: LED solid light source is easy to shape and plastic, which makes the lighting fixture and the building itself merge, naturally it becomes a whole, such as LED lighting bookshelf, LED wall large screen, LED light glass The laser laser illuminating glass effectively combines the glass curtain wall and the LED illuminating light source to realize the colorful effect of the building.
    Constant color temperature and dark dimming technology: successfully solved the problem of matching the LED dimming driver module of the whole building with the traditional dimmer, achieving constant color temperature and constant illumination level of indoor lighting, effectively utilizing energy and avoiding light pollution.