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UV light curing technology application


UV light curing technology application

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  At present, photocurable coatings and their equipment have been widely used in chemical, mechanical, electronic, light industry, communications and other fields. Light-curing coatings include: UV-cured wood coatings for bamboo flooring, decorative panels, furniture, etc.; UV-curable plastic coatings for automotive parts, instruments, optical discs, credit cards, etc.; steel rust-proof, color-coated steel, tin-plated cans, cans, etc. Light-curing metal coatings; decorative paper, labels, cards, written surface glazing, metallized coatings, etc.; UV-curable paper coatings; photoresists, printed circuit boards, soft (hard) disks, optical disks, video tapes, magnetic tapes, optical fibers, UV-curing coatings for electronic industry such as component packaging and photo-curing adhesives. With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, UV light coatings are replacing or partially replacing traditional coatings.

(1) Wood light curing coating. Generally include light-curing putty, primer and topcoat. UV-curable coatings for wood furniture usually have matt, semi-gloss or high-gloss requirements; wood flooring requires matte (or high gloss) and wear resistance. The sex is divided into ordinary wear-resistant type and high wear-resistance and high-resistance. Different light curing resins and additives can be used to meet different performance requirements.
(2) Plastic light curing coatings. Including light curing coatings for general plastics and engineering plastics, the base materials are PVC, PET, ABS, PP, PC, PMMA, etc. UV-curable coatings impart high hardness, high gloss (or matt, flat) and high wear resistance to the surface of the workpiece. It is not easy to scratch and other properties, while giving it a beautiful decorative effect.
(3) Metal photocurable coatings. It is used for anti-corrosion protection of steel products and protection and decoration of automobile, motorcycle parts, instruments, cans, etc. This is another direction for the development of UV-curable coatings, which will partially replace traditional coatings and impart elegance and beauty to various metal products. The appearance.
(4) Paper light curing coating. This is a rapidly developing UV light coating, and it is widely used. It is generally called photocuring paper varnish. It is mainly used for surface glazing of magazines, packaging materials, labels, etc., to improve its wear resistance and water resistance. And make the product beautiful and durable.
    In summary, the application of UV light curing coatings is multi-faceted, such as electronic circuit board light curing ink, fiber light curing coating, building material light curing coating, leather light curing coating, optical curing coating, etc., and there are new products. Development and application, and radiation curing system equipment have also made great progress. However, UV light technology also has shortcomings. It is sensitive to dust and therefore has strict requirements on the construction environment. It is most suitable for the coating of flat sheets or thin sheets. The research and development of irradiation systems cannot keep up with the rapid development of UV light coating formulations and their applications. Development, for irregular objects, it is not easy to get satisfactory results.