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LED "price war" competition cruel


LED "price war" competition cruel

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  Due to its huge development prospects, LED has become a must-attend industry for many businesses. "The LED industry has been gradually invested in the past five years and has now formed a scale." The industry has introduced the details, and the current domestic LED industry layout is relatively complete. However, although there are many LED companies in China, the number of leading companies is extremely limited.

    "High-end, high-quality LED chips are mainly imported from abroad." Fan Jiye said frankly that although China's LEDs have certain advantages in terms of quantity, they are still subject to high-end technology. "LED is currently mainly concentrated in the industry. For ordinary people, although LED lights have many advantages, but the price of hundreds of dollars, still let many people switch to incandescent lights for a few dollars. This certainly limits the LED The large-scale promotion." Li Yan said, sales manager of Shenyang Kemei Digital.
    Based on the above factors, the LED industry, which is currently supported by private enterprises, will naturally face many difficulties. Vicious competition has become one of the biggest headaches for LED manufacturers.
    At present, the domestic LED market has formed the basic pattern of “Southern Production, Northern Agent”. “Because of the limitations of technology and capital, there are relatively few LED manufacturers in the north, mainly based on agency sales.” Tao Xiaoling, head of the sales department of a LED manufacturing company in Dongguan, said.
    Cruelty is a description of the current domestic LED market. "To put it bluntly, the competition between the LED industry at the moment, especially in the northern region, is the price dispute." For example, the most common LED light strip on the market, last year's sales price It is 60 yuan per meter, and this year has plummeted to 20 to 30 yuan, a decline of more than 50%. "There is no way, if you want to live, you must adapt to this regulation." A LED dealer from Gu, who is from Zhejiang, reluctantly said that the continuous compression of profit margins also makes the company face a stretch in developing new technologies and new processes. Awkward situation.