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UV application

Eczema treatment

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Phototherapy for eczema is commonly used in NB-UVB and UVA1, as well as UVA/UVB. 1: NB-UVB therapy The initial dose is 400mj/cm2.

If there is erythema in the initial exposure, increase the dose by 20%.Mild erythema, increased by 10%.

Three times a week for eight weeks, depending on the situation.The maximum dose was 0.6-2.1j/cm2, and the cumulative dose was 10.5j/cm2.

2: UVA1 therapy

UVA1 was treated with a small dose of 20j/cm2, a medium dose of 30-70j/cm2 (mean 45j/cm2), and a large dose of 130j/cm2. Medium dose is the preferred dose for UVA1 due to its small side effects.The initial dose was 30j/cm2, 4 times a week for 8 weeks, and the time of increase or decrease was appropriate according to the efficacy and response.Cumulative dose 930j/cm2.

3: UVA/UVB treatment

UVA and UVB were combined for treatment with a spectral range of 280nm-400nm.

The initial doses of UVA and UVB were 2.0j/cm2 and 0.02j/cm2, respectively, and the maximum doses were 4.0-10.7j/cm2 and 0.06-0.17j/cm2, respectively.

Treatment was given three times a week for six weeks.

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